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Psychological Scalability (Beyond Dramatica)

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We think the world is standing against us, when really, the other side often feels the same way. As I stated before every one of them wanted to be my friend after all was said and done, but I chose not to associate with any of them simply because I broke up with all of them for good reasons. I was fighting for infant rights, and I felt justified in what I was doing. Regardless, since then I have apologized and shaken hands with Shay Carl.


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He and I are not at all enemies, and I have repeatedly said even indirectly criticizing his personal decisions was not my business. In this cult he would be the Cult leader and he would guide its members to enlightenment. There was no leader in that belief system. It was dedicated to celebrating the Earth. Haters just warped it into something ugly because again, it suits their agenda to be dishonest, which is good enough for them.

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I was only supportive of that religion if you can even call it that as it had no leader or god s for about a year until I went Agnostic and have been since. From ages I ate meat. Get your story straight. Not just my second channels but main channels as well. What could I possibly gain from it? You mean the jokes I made about it? Do you not even realize I was making fun of conspiracy theorists just like you? After breaking up with Tantaga he immediately retreats to his dank corner of YouTube and begins painting the picture of her as the evil antagonist and him as the innocent martyr.

I proposed we divorce months prior when she spoke of claiming my assets against our original verbal agreement. Things calmed down for a while but I finally asked her to sign papers later that year. My ex wife refused to get a job during the last portion of our marriage, and did almost nothing productive every day which is a big reason why I divorced her.

Why not be with someone who loves all of you? I asked for a divorce weeks before considering moving on, I signed divorce papers before moving on, I did nothing wrong, and am not ashamed of my decisions in that period of time. My original intent in filming it was to show her what she had gone through when it was all over, to help her in showing her what exactly was happening. Now that you know the truth, you can correct your prior inaccurate statements.

And despite having known me for just two hours beforehand, they availed themselves to me the whole night, shared their stories, and gave me courage to do what I needed to.

Michael Hague on Story Goals

The best part was the follow-up emails I received from them the week after the conference, checking in on me, sending virtual courage, and even suggesting action plans. In an industry where the ability to defend your intellect is key, I am ever so grateful for these academic angels.

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