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She didn't lie about it — she wrote, "All the shit my mother went through. I did put her mother through a lot of shit. But I was only unfaithful to her once. However, she is keen to stress that she received lots of love and affection from her father. He was the same with my mum when they were still together. Because he was so like that, she was less so. We're both the sort of characters who believe it's important to get stuff done and to be honest with people. Mitchell remembers singing along with Amy when she was a child.

He would begin singing a song — Frank Sinatra's 'I Only Have Eyes for You', for instance — and then leave occasional lines out, allowing Amy to fill the gaps. Her teachers had to tell her to stop doing it in lessons. The couple had moved from a cramped two-bedroom flat to a thirties semi to a pretty three-bedroom Victorian terrace in Southgate. There they had their first child, Alex, and then, four years later, Amy. Scare stories about Amy's chaotic lifestyle now regularly fill the newspapers and as a child she had two memorable brushes with disaster: as a toddler she nearly choked on Cellophane while sitting in her pram, and she once went missing in the local park.


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One of Amy's early memories is having a crush on the children's television presenter Philip Schofield. She used to urge her mother to leave her father and marry Schofield instead. Amy also enjoyed being with her grandmother, who introduced Amy and her brother to grooming. He'd give her a pedicure and I'd do her nails and her hair,' said Amy.

On hearing this, her husband Blake joked, 'It might be quite emasculating for a young boy of eight to be pedicuring his grandmother. Her nan was clearly a big influence on Amy. When asked about her phobias, she said, 'I don't think I'm scared of anything. I'm not scared of snakes or spiders or anything.

But I am scared of my nan. She's little, but she's a frightening person. So I must have felt like an outsider a bit. But it's not a sob story.

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Asked whether they can cite any childhood influences on Amy, Mitchell points to Janis. I just want them to be happy. I'm not in awe of greatness and don't take special credit for the way their talents have risen to the surface.

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Janis confirms, 'It's always been her dream to be a singer. That was all she ever wanted. She was always singing around the house. Neighbours, too, remember the early Amy Winehouse performances — and her fledgling cheek!

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Paul Nesbitt lived near the Winehouse family. He said, 'When I moved in, Amy popped her head out of her bedroom window and started singing with a microphone. She was talented. But she was a bit naughty. There was a bald copper who lived opposite and Amy would shout "slaphead" at him. She'd hold parties when her mum had gone out. Her brother Alex, too, was a huge music fan and therefore a big influence on Amy's development in the field. She says, 'As a little kid I was too shy to sing and my brother was the one standing on a chair in his school uniform and doing his Frank Sinatra. Her first guitar was a Fender Stratocaster 'It's my favourite guitar,' she said many years later.

It really lends itself to anything. It's beautiful. There's this great picture of a falcon on the scratch plate. Young Amy was eventually to step out of Alex's musical shadow. Amy's best friend is Juliette Ashby. As children the pair would play a game. I think we clicked because we were both a bit off-key.

In the end, it was alcohol that killed Amy, but, if this book illustrates anything, it's how desperately tedious the life of a drug addict is. Amy started out chanting "Class A drugs are for mugs".

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Later, in the grip of her addictions, she would perform blitzed, mess up golden opportunities, and make doomed attempts at rehab. As with many addicts, self-awareness wasn't her strong suit. Mitch wryly recalls the time Amy told him she didn't want a perfume licensed in her name.

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In a shocking twist, Amy's last boyfriend has recently been charged with rape. However, the "baddie" of Mitch's tale is her former husband, Blake Fielder-Civil, who introduced her to drugs. Mitch hates that the song Back to Black is about Blake, but then reasons: "Nobody's going to have a chart-topping album full of songs about someone's good deeds. As for the author, Mitch is quick to point out that proceeds from this book will go to his daughter's foundation.

There are times when Mitch seems just a tad over-involved in his daughter's life Blake's parents dub him "The Fat Controller". Other times, he seems dazzled by the showbiz lights. Illustrations note col. Rating details. Book ratings by Goodreads. Goodreads is the world's largest site for readers with over 50 million reviews.

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