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To share posts, head to your live site. You've heard the crew talking about a hidden coal mine located somewhere on the island! This isn't a very fun adventure.

Cave Hermit Devil (Gavin) Exits Cave in Red Dead Redemption 2 (RDR2): Get Gavin Out of Cave

You've been chained to Captain Althea for two weeks now when a pirate ship arrives The mutineers join the pirate crew. When Gavin sends them to explore the surroundings, they chop down the trees to clear a path through the wood. You long for the comfort and security of your throne room. After a few weeks, Gavin the Terrible's men finally find the abandoned mine.

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At great speed they extract hundreds of filled trunks and load them into the boats. It seems like they were trying to avoid meeting someone, or something! Could the reason be the ghost ship you saw sailing on the horizon? You, Captain Althea and Barric are still being held prisoners. But you have noticed that Gavin and his crew have been very nervous in the past few days, especially when the ghost-like ship was seen sailing through the fog around the island. Why are they so afraid?

At dawn Gavin and his crew are ready to weigh anchor and leave the coal mine behind. By now you recognise Gavin is a very tactical man; there must be a reason why he has decided to leave so quickly. You hope the reason is that your militia has been looking for you and pursuing him too closely!


Back to sea! Gavin's men spend many hours visiting the ship's wine cellar where they drink and sing chanties. Under the influence of alcohol one of them says Gavin found a treasure map hidden inside the abandoned mine. Taking advantage of a crew's distraction, you, Althea and Barric overcame the new lookout and escaped from the ship in a dinghy.

Wandering lost in the sea was never your idea of adventure. Who knows the dangers that might live in these waters? Your only hope is to reach land before a sea hag or that ghost ship finds you.


Within a Captain's Treasure

Althea proves to be an excellent navigator, and you land safely at a fishing village. No sooner do you set foot on land when she confesses that before leaving the ship she stole the treasure map. Surely, Gavin the Terrible already knows this and has all his crew following your steps. You must get a new ship!

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Hand Made. Custom Items. It started with the loss of my son, Gavin.

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When one finds themselves lost within themselves, you need to find a direction. This has become my direction.