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This is followed by numerous other sequences showing Gideon and Konrad breaking out of their walled confines, interspersed with historical images, faces and the. Several faces are faded in, which are then morphed on top of one another.

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Several facial components from different persons are united in one face, flowing into each other like a mosaic. With the final chorus they finally manage to break through the rear of the walled prison. A bright light shines through the hole in the wall into the interior space. As the hole grows larger, a meadow and blue sky emerge — a peaceful idyll into which Gideon and Konrad escape as they clamber out through the remains of the walls! The video and the song are an appeal to us all: help break down physical and intellectual barriers and contribute to a peaceful and tolerant co-existence.

The video was produced with Berlin music non-profit initiative Kreuzberger Musikalische Aktion. Take a look behind the scenes at the making of the music video. Get your free copy!

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Impressions of studio recordings. Skip to main content. Read the video description. At the beginning of the video, the camera zooms out to reveal several figures standing motionlessly whose heads have been replaced by blocks of stone. They are standing in front of a wall with piles of rubble and debris heaped up against it.

As the music starts you see Gideon Glock and Konrad Mellentin in the middle of a prison, consisting of walls and piles of rubble.

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German Images of the Self and the Other Free download. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. This Book have some digital formats such us :paperbook, ebook, kindle, epub, fb2 and another formats. Fairy Bell The Flying Fairy! Monthly Archives: January The Heresy of Hearsay.

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She had apparently by then decided to become an analyst, perhaps also to get help for herself in her emigrant situation. In London her attempt to find a place in analysis failed and so in December she came to the training group in Manchester which Balin was in the process of setting up.

It was very difficult at the time to find patients. The wages were low. The first training group began in March and was understood as a subgroup of the London institute; the candidates had to go to London for the interviews and a lot of supervisions also took place there. Esther Bick began her training analysis in with Balint for a fee of a few shillings, supporting herself by working as a nanny. The situation in the northern English nurseries appalled Esther Bick.

Shocked by these experiences, she gradually began to work treating children. Seeking help with this difficult task, she discovered the writings of Melanie Klein, which tallied with her own convictions and deeply impressed her. It seems that she had finally found something which she had always sought — for the children she wished to treat, but also for the child within herself.

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It must have been a very special, exciting time — in the middle of the war and in the midst of the high phase of the so-called Controversial Discussions. Introduced by Balint, in March and April she took part in two of these meetings. Susan Isaacs paper on the unconscious phantasy was discussed.

It all left a deep impression on Esther Bick and she was shocked at the tone of the meeting and the way they interacted with one another. Within her own training group in Manchester the relationships were very close and involved.

Balint was simultaneously training analyst, supervisor and tutor for the candidates, which did not seem to have disturbed him, since it was similar to the Hungarian Society model. The seminars took place in turns in the living quarters of the tutors and candidates. The treatments too were carried out in the living quarters. We do not know how this event affected Bick; it could be that it contributed to her subsequent critical judgment of Balint. The situation of the emigrants was further aggravated by the uncertainty of the fate of their relatives.

The news of their deaths was slow in reaching England — death by suicide or murdered in the concentration camps. Bick only learned in that apart from her niece who had emigrated to Israel, her whole family, including her parents and siblings, had died in the concentration camps. It must have been a horrific time for the analysts and their candidates and patients. There was so much uncertainty and so many losses that today we can hardly imagine how in this atmosphere it was possible to do analysis. But perhaps this very work provided a sanctuary from fear and despair. In July Esther Bick continued her training in London.

The Manchester group was disbanded. She went to Stachey and with her second case to Melanie Klein. In London Esther Bick also began working again at a child guidance clinic, which she really loved. Later she recalled a boy who came with his grandmother, which reminded her of her own loving grandmother.

When Bowlby initially tried to recruit her for the Tavistock clinic in , she was not at all enthusiastic. At the same time she began training in child therapy.

In this she was totally in line with the Zeitgeist of the post-war Labour Party, who were planning the establishment of the National Health Service. Finally in she took on a senior position in the newly established child psychotherapy training at the Tavistock. Shorty before this, she had completed her analytic training at the British Institute and delivered her first psychoanalytic paper. She became a passionate follower of her work. Her first child case was supervised by Klein, the second by Paula Heimann, and in Esther Bick completed her training. Now she wanted to continue her analysis with Melanie Klein.

Balint seems not to have put up any opposition. Grosskurth in her biography about Melanie Klein says the following: Original English version supplied by the analyst. She never spoke about it, on the other hand she looked back on her nine year analysis with Balint very critically. There is an anecdote which she recounted to Hanna Segal. She told her that on occasion she could not offer free associations, reflecting perhaps inner conflicts which she could not express.


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Perhaps she adopted something of his independent thinking and his flexibility without idealizing him. And this allowed her, despite her great loyalty to Melanie Klein, to develop her own very individual concepts. This independent thinking is first apparent in the lecture in June with which she obtained membership of the British Psychoanalytic Society.

In it she describes the analysis of a 30 year old married woman with suicidal impulses and severe phobic states, including claustrophobia and vaginism. This woman vacillated between a desperate clinging to her objects for her own survival and a great anxiety over the well-being of these objects given her own need for omnipotent control.

During the Christmas break of there was an emergency session due to severe panic attacks. It was so frightening because she was sure she was not dreaming.