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The agency has been a source of support for public, academic, research, special, and tribal libraries, as well as some 35, museums. Crosby Kemper III has taken matters into his own hands. On October 3 the American Library Association ALA launched the ALA Policy Corps, an initiative that will bring together a core group of library practitioners from across the field and help them develop a deep expertise in public policy issues. When President Donald Trump released his preliminary budget proposal for FY18 in March, revealing major cuts to government spending that would have eliminated support for the Institute of Museum and Library Services IMLS , the library community took the threat as a call to arms.

The dynamic response paid off on September 14, when the full House of Representatives voted to approve a spending package, H. Code, a request that has some members of the government information community concerned and others encouraged. A bill empowering the president to appoint the next Register of Copyrights, which would effectively remove jurisdiction over the position from the Librarian of Congress, sailed through the House of Representatives —48 on April 26 and will now continue to the Senate.

The Register of Copyrights Selection and Accountability Act, also known as HR , was introduced on March 23, and would make the Register—who has traditionally been appointed by the Librarian of Congress—a presidential appointment, with the advice and consent of the senate.

'Printers Row Journal' Moving To Digital-Only In 2016

Open Carry in Play for Nevada Libraries. A bill that would allow each Nevada library to decide for itself whether to bar firearms is due to be taken up by the Nevada Assembly, after winning passage through the Senate. Weapons would be prohibited from public library property, unless the owner has written permission from the governing board of the library.

The Politics of Being a Trustee. Michael A. November's presidential election led to a surprising result for many. Even among those who voted for the current president-elect, a lot of people did not actually expect him to prevail over a former senator and secretary of state. And almost immediately, everyone from regular people to media pundits were chiming in on what the election will mean for the country.

Kyle K. This interesting case expands upon a theme that has been present in Europe for some time—a copyright crackdown on linking, news snippets, and other content. The Library of Congress LC sparked debate recently when it announced that it would no longer use the term illegal aliens as a subject heading. The Massachusetts Center for the Book was re-funded on July 30 thanks to emergency sessions of the state House and Senate, after Governor Charlie Baker had completely defunded the Center and slashed budgets for several other educational and cultural organizations.

Defending Inclusion Editorial. It should go without saying that wholesale bigotry against members of a group is unacceptable and unconstitutional. This legislation is a travesty and an assault on our civil liberties.

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In Michigan, a new law that if signed by the governor will restrict the sharing of ballot information prior to voting has alarmed librarians and allies, who are calling for action. In a surprising last-minute vote on December 16 in Lansing, the Michigan house and senate acted in concert to send several bills to Gov. Rick Snyder R-MI. Among them was an amended version of Senate Bill , a finance reform measure, which included new language prohibiting libraries and other public resources from transmitting information about local ballot initiatives for 60 days prior to an election.

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The long-awaited rewrite of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act ESEA, most recently also known as No Child Left Behind sailed though both the Senate and House to arrive in front of President Obama, making it one of the few signs of functional bipartisanship in a rough year for getting stuff done on the hill. Jay Nixon. A group of technology companies, trade associations, and civil society organizations have joined forces to form Re:Create, a national coalition to advocate for balanced copyright policy. In the wake of recent proposals to amend the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, as well as constant advances in the field of knowledge creation, coalition members are calling for responsive copyright law that balances the interests of those who create information and products with those of users and innovators, providing robust exceptions as well as limitations to copyright law in order that it not limit new uses and technologies.

In a significant victory for supporters of Net Neutrality, the Federal Communications Commission FCC today reclassified broadband Internet as a public utility, and established a new Open Internet Order that applies to both fixed and mobile broadband. On January 15, , Susan H. California has become the first state to mandate open access for the products of some taxpayer-funded research.

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  4. AB , as the bill is known, ensures that those who stand to benefit most from state-funded research, such as healthcare providers, students and professors, biotech professionals, and anyone with an interest in the field, will have access to current research results free of charge. Court Reverses Ruling on Publishers vs.

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    Georgia State E-Reserve Case. On October 17 the U. Susan H. Her nomination had been confirmed by the U. Senate by unanimous consent on December 22, Thomas W. As controversies go, it would have been difficult to see this one coming. In tiny Mechanicsburg, PA, a pilot seed library in existence for all of four months is now the epicenter of a national discussion among seed traders, growers of organic food, and other agriculture experts after state officials wrote a list of regulations for the fledgling program.

    Nikki Haley scuttled their hopes, at least temporarily. Lobbying for libraries can be a painfully earnest affair. But not so in New York State, where the New York Library Association NYLA adopted a playful new strategy to reach legislators and their staffs where they may be at their most receptive—relaxing with a drink after work. After the state General Assembly came close, but ultimately failed to deliver a legislative solution to their longstanding legal woes, the library systems have little recourse except to wait for an appeals court decision that will help determine how they—and potentially the majority of Kentucky libraries—can raise tax revenue.

    It would cut five trillion dollars from federal balance sheets in the next decade by making significant cuts to spending on initiatives like Medicare and the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, more commonly known as food stamps. Remember me. Forgot your password? Subscribe today to gain access to the every Research Intelligencer article we publish as well as the exclusive daily newsletter, full access to The MediaPost Cases , first-look research and daily insights from Joe Mandese, Editor in Chief.

    leakdown.com/sitemap3.xml The literary journal prints book reviews, author interviews and short works of fiction submitted by a variety of authors. Jennifer Day, editor of Printers Row Journal , told Talking New Media that the digital version of the publication will be accessible on desktop, tablet or mobile.

    Daley and his son, Richard M. Daley ; the first black U. Senator , Carol Moseley Braun ; and the first black presidential candidate to win a primary, Jesse Jackson. Dawson , achieved political success from the South Side. The University of Chicago is one of the world's top universities, with 22 Nobel Prize winners working at the university at the time of the award announcement, placing it 3rd among U. Other four-year educational institutions there are the Illinois Institute of Technology , St.

    Daley College. Daley , Michael A. Bilandic , Martin H. Kennelly , Frank J. Corr and Richard M. Three of these mayors hail from the South Side's Bridgeport community area, which also produced two other Chicago Mayors. University of Chicago Lab School , affiliated with the University of Chicago, is a private school located there. The South Side is home to many official landmarks and other notable buildings and structures. This neighborhood hosts several other highrises.

    Glessner House. Isaiah Israel Temple. It is also where U.

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    Congressman Bobby Rush a former Black Panther leader serves. The South Side has been a place of political controversy. Although the locations of some of these notable controversies have not become official landmarks, they remain important parts of Chicago history.

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    The Chicago Race Riot of was the worst of the approximately 25 riots during the Red Summer of and required 6, National Guard troops. The South Side is served by mass transit as well as roads and highways. Midway International Airport is located on the South Side. Standard local metropolitan bus service and CTA express service bus routes provide service to the Loop. From the s until the s, the movement was concentrated in and around the Hyde Park community area. Clair Drake and Horace R. Cayton represented the new wave of intellectual expression in literature by depicting the culture of the urban ghetto rather than the culture of blacks in the South in the monograph Black Metropolis.

    Music in Chicago flourished, with musicians bringing blues and gospel influences up from Mississippi and stops along the way and creating a Chicago sound in blues and jazz.

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    5. There was opportunity for independent companies because labels with studios in New York City or Los Angeles only kept regional distribution offices in Chicago.